Boobilucious Lactation Milk Shake powder, Chocolate 3 oz.


A delicious option for lactation to take the place of a dose of adoptive lactation capsules or tinctures. Brown rice protien powder, Unsweetened dark chocolate flavor for smoothies, milk shakes, or just plain hot chocolate. It has herbal galactagogues, with cocoa and a dash of vanilla powder. It is gluten, dairy, soy and no added sweetners.  Herbs include: fenugreek, goats rue, banaba leaf, sesame, black cumin, cumin,seeds, dandelion, milk oat tops, straw, dill, fennel, caraway anise seed, hops, motherwort, milk thistle, nettle, borage, blessed thistle, wild lettuce leaf, shatavari, astragulus, flax seed, moringa, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, schizandra, vitex, Red raspberry, blackberries, freeze dried blue berries.

add 1-2 tsp to ice cream, milk, water, for a good beverage or snack.


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Dark chocolate powder, brown rice protein combined with the Adoptive lactation formula herbs. Use as shake, in coffee, cookies, brownies, or plain hot chocolate beverage.  Dairy, soy, egg, gluten-free.